There are no ordinary moments

I have been mulling over and over what I would like to write about in my first post as this will be the one setting the tone for me. Finally after months and months of ideas and thoughts it just was in my head this morning something I have been repeating over and over for a while now and during breakfast at my favourite spot in the kitchen looking out onto the ocean watching everything and everyone I realised that this was what I wanted to blog about,

“there are no ordinary moments”-in life and so with that also in fashion. 

Every mistake, success and “fashion faux pas” is a constant cycle of our fashion evolution trying to find that moment where the magic happens either on the runway, photo-shoot or ourselves in a fabulous outfit completely complete. So with this knowledge we should embrace every single part of fashion as every time it brings us a step closer again to the next moment of when the magic happens. So with this knowledge I feel pretty free and fabulous in every outfit I want to wear that day even if it may change three or four times 😉 I hope you do too, because really the only person who should care about what you are wearing is you. My clothes are a part of me, my mood and feeling that particular day or hour, sometimes feminine, masculine or a mixture of everything and when I really listen to what I feel like then the magic just keeps coming.

So with this done I am excited about the start of my blog and hope you enjoy it too just let me know your thoughts and fabulous fashion moments. As to my inspirations for this post:

Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist and Brida

Antoine De Saint_Exupery – The Little Prince

Dan Milman – The Peaceful Warrior

…and every single inspiring and magical fashion brand that stays true to itself…



2 thoughts on “There are no ordinary moments

  1. adrian says:

    Congratulations on joining the blogging world. Great place to start, good luck and keep it up.

  2. A brilliant first post and glad to see you have started! You will soon get into the swing of things – good luck! 🙂

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