My glass is empty….

What do I mean by this…?! Well my glass is empty but through this it is also full of endless possibilities to me and my life.

How about I take you back a step to the end of last year, where I had a great job on paper, a steady income for the first time and was working with great people, but somehow the day-to-day reality of my work left me unfulfilled and uninspired. After agonising for a couple of months I decided to resign from my work just before the expensive time of christmas and new year with no savings but a whole lotta debt in the bank, crazy… yes, wrong decision…absolutely no!! Now a month and a few weeks forward I am still looking for work, credit card has given up completely and if it wasn’t for my amazing boyfriend I would be close to homeless with my lovely shoes (my last pair I bought was an absolutely adorable pair of Miu Miu’s on sale yay! ;))

Yet somehow it is all right (yes it’s all right) I am inspired, as you can see I have finally started to write on my blog, and feel this calmness I have never ever felt in my life and I know things are just somehow perfect they way they are meant to be and that everything will work out somehow. In the past I had my hospitality safety net in case all else fails, i.e. me and I would follow back to that trap constantly, not believing in myself and my abilities. Now I enjoy every moment, wether it is tidying the house (a girls gotta earn her keep somehow haha) or spending more time on the beach (haven’t had a SPF30 tan in years) and with my friends who have also been just amazing and kind. I figured while I am doing what I can to find my job there is no point in worrying what tomorrow will bring, the only thing this will do is drive you crazy and not in a good way! Trust me I have been there in the past!!

I have love and passion for what I do and want to do and I believe this will see me succeed in following my true path, it is not about excess it is about having enough and taking learnings from each and everything in my life and passing on the love. Fashion is my true path right here right now and I am excited to combine all of the above and keep implementing it into everything that I do. So if any of you can and want to help me find a great job as assistant buyer in sydney let me know I would really appreciate any help I can get….seriously 😉

Anyways I don’t know where all these realisations are coming from wether its the impending arrival of my 30th birthday next week or the ending of one mayan cycle (what a celebration) and the starting of a new, so here is to the next 5000+ years :)!! So with my glass empty there is nothing in there to hinder me in my path ahead and so it is full of possibilities in the here and now.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts, dreams and inspirations. Don’t be shy I certainly wasn’t in writing this post 😉 and thank you again!!

Inspirations and thanks for my post:

Benjo – my supportive and all around amazing boyfriend you inspired me on this post

my family and my fabulous friends – for all your kindness and support

Miu Miu shoes – for making my heart sing

and the Mayans with all their wisdom

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2 thoughts on “My glass is empty….

  1. Caroline says:

    Pia…what can I say!? You are one amazing and brave woman and someone that no matter how far away I will never forget. This is an amazing blog. As I read it I can see your smile and feel the sparkle and warmth coming from your heart! There are not many things I read these days that come truly from the heart. People usually write what they think people want to hear. You have written with honesty and it should be inspiration to us all. Good luck with the work, i hope it all works out for you and keep that positivity! Love to you and Benjo! I miss you, Caz xxxx

  2. stylewaffle says:

    Miu miu shoes make my heart sing too! Good luck on your journey 🙂

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