Dirty Thirty Today


So it is my birthday today, apparently dirty thirties although I like to think more fabulous thirties. Well technically it will be my birthday at 10pm tonight as I was born bang on 12noon in Poland on a sunny winters day and 9 days before my gorgeous mums 18th birthday! (but really who wants to be technical on their birthday). Fast forward 30 years to sunny summers day in Manly and lucky me the celebrations already started yesterday. Yep thanks to my amazing mum coming by and surprising me with this at the door and jumping out with a big “Happy Birthday my Sweetheart” and lots of smiles. The surprises continued with my mum taking me and my other half out to a wonderful lunch at Hugos in Manly. The day continued with my favorite movie of all times: the last unicorn, although first time ever watching it in english!! The evening continued my lovely friend and my younger sister coming by to join me for some bubbles and nibbles, perfection!!

Today my fabulous day just continues and I am so grateful for all the phone calls, texts and Facebook messages from everyone, trust me my heart is so full of love it could burst!! I will also post a picture from my fabulous present I got to open last night already (lucky me again!) and I will be wearing it with all my 30 year pride, it will just be perfect with my outfits and look chic! You didn’t think I wasn’t going to let you off without even a little fashion did you?! Anyways I need to get back to celebrating and choosing todays outfits so I will love you and leave you with a big thank for your support in reading, commenting and following my blog!!  

Inspirations for this post and pictures:

my mum – she is so fabulous, loving and caring and I am so happy that we are on the same side of the world for once 

my whole family and friends – as well for your love, care and laughter you all inspire me everyday.

and my birthday of course 🙂

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One thought on “Dirty Thirty Today

  1. Sara says:

    a little drop.. happy bday my friend.. x

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