Ageing with fashion and style

I think most of us wonder (or don’t care) what happens to style and fashion as we age, with the “responsibilities” of life, work and family hanging over us, it is easier just to just throw on the same comfy outfits and be done with it, functionality rather than style in our busy lifes. This cycle continues right through into our older adulthood, where functionality often becomes a necessity rather than a choice. Do I disagree with this…no, do I agree with this…definately not!! Please let me explain….

Once in a while I see a shining beacon of hope in the form of a stylish mum and dad or older lady and gentleman in my daily life. Someone who has just taken a little time and care for themselves out of their day and created something, something simple  and beautiful with just a little touch or the whole shebang and I am reminded why fashion is important at any stage of our lives; It is because of how it makes you feel right then and there. I believe when I am in my favourite outfits or add new accessories to an old friend I feel great, I am invincible and can handle anything that life throws my way.  As we age so do our bodies and changes begin to happen but if you just take that little care for yourself everyday you won’t mind because you will always feel and look fabulous inside and out.

“Mutton dressed as lamb” I believe is just a phrase for fear of true self expression mainly for women, because if you truly own it you will rock it whatever your age gracefully not disgracefully 😉

I came across a wonderful blog through a friend of mine, it is called: Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen and is an interesting, fabulous and exciting insight into older women and men from the streets of New York and their creative dressing at any age. It is a great testament that style and fashion really is for everyone and every walk of life, be it classic, crazy or eccentric. For me Ari just seems to capture the essence of these people through respecting their wisdom and individual advanced style. He has interviewed and filmed his older muses and created an Advanced Style Documentary which will be entered into the 2013 film festival circuit. Truly Amazing and cannot wait to watch it!!! So being true to yourself at any age and style has definitive benefits, because who has decided that great clothing should only be for the young?! I mean we can blame the industry or society being obsessed with youth, etc. but really these are all just excuses as the only ones to blame are ourselves, yourself, myself.

So next time you feel like just throwing on anything, picture yourself when you are even older just throwing anything on, haha just kidding (really that could be quite scary I’d be a baggy-licious hobo for sure and not the good kind!)… Instead picture embracing yourself at any age, embracing your face and body as it is changing with you through life, all its individual beauty and feel the love for yourself and how you see yourself. Now that’s a sight I personally cannot wait for!

As always I appreciate your comments and insights and hope you enjoyed!!


My inspirations for this post:

my friend Errol – thank you for leading me to the Advanced Style blog, perfect timing as I had already started to draft this post

Ari Seth Cohen – for following your true path in fashion with integrity and inspiring me and also the older folks

and of course the fabulous and stylish older ladies and gentlemen, keep it going and one day I shall join you!!

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3 thoughts on “Ageing with fashion and style

  1. Sara says:

    I’m having a look to advanced style now.. 😉 loving your blog..

  2. Errol says:

    Another great blog Pia!! Every one gets more awesome.
    Regarding dressing and age, everyone can dress well whatever age they are. All it takes is a little thought and presence on mind. Also you can look good into advance years just by doing some exercise and training:)xxxx

  3. Anna says:

    Great post, again 🙂

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