A wise woman once said….

A wise woman once said....

Hi everyone,
I am so sorry I have not posted anything in a while to be honest this not having a job thing is keeping me quite busy 😉 anyways I have already researched my next post am just waiting for the moment to take me on my next writing journey. So for now just a little something which I think ties in quite beautifully with my last post and hopefully inspires all you fashionate ladies and gentlemen out there. And that the quote is from one of my favorite women in fashion is just icing on my cake!!
Have a happy fashionate day!!

Ps: if you have not seen the new
Prada Fall/Winter ’13 show watch it, I love it a lot a lot a lot!!

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One thought on “A wise woman once said….

  1. Ps: I am even double sorry as I thought this post published last Saturday and somehow did not. Baby don’t worry about a thing as everything is gonna be alright, my new post is in the making and will not take long 🙂
    (am sure Bob Marley meant the same when he sang the song!)

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