fashions ugly twin (part 2)

Alright everyone heres fashions ugly twin part 2, you will find fashions ugly twin part 1 here in case you have not read it yet.

So lets get straight back into it ;)…..

….Everything within our fashion cycles has sped up and multiplied, we don’t just have the two main seasons anymore (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) but also Cruise/Resort, Pre-Fall collections, etc.. So us the customer has further temptations while we wait for the main collections to arrive in stores, which really is quite awesome I think but also makes it so much harder to behave with my money that’s for sure! Then you add the high street into this mix, fashionable pieces at great prices that lets us indulge in the fashion moment du jour and throw it away without a second thought when were done with it. It is also amazing how fast copies of the runway hit our high street stores and wardrobes these days and how many variations of the original designs there are in each chain. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, although in my opinion only if it is done through real sincerity and with good intentions.

So what can we do about all this?

Well as mentioned in a previous post about blaming everyone and everything else as a starting point, there is the insatiable demand of the consumers for the next new thing, the pretty much non-existent copyright laws within the fashion industry, corruption in governments and even the workers who are just trying to put food on the table for their family. Lets keep going further with the retailer that blames the middle man for not delivering on time, the middle man who blames his workers for not working hard and fast enough….and so on….I think you get the picture. It is easy to point the finger anywhere apart from your own direction and I think it is time for us to start taking responsibility for our wardrobes and shopping habits.

What seemed to disable me for many years (and sometimes even now) is the many causes you can support in our world  and really not knowing where to start and what to do, I mean how can you differentiate between people (the workers), animals (the leather and fur) or our environment (the fabrics) and put one above the other  are they all not equally important. Yes of course they are and this is what I struggled with and ended up doing nothing really about one or the other because I could not decide on the what and the how. Shame on me I thought to myself for talking and not doing anything at all, but I am much kinder and understanding towards myself now 😉

The silver lining is that with time I have come to understand that it is better to do one thing well and whole heartedly instead of doing a lot half assed or in my case not much at all. It is also my belief that when you truly help one cause others will naturally align and follow somehow. So my advise in terms of fashion and ethicality is to not feel paralysed by it all, do not judge yourself too harshly by not being able to do/buy everything perfectly as even baby steps will lead us in the right direction and that’s all that matters. Start with something that is close to your own heart and go from there, buying an organic cotton tee, supporting local designers or buying a garment from a charity shop, etc… Don’t worry what others think if this is your way that you feel happy to be helping and making a difference than it is perfect the way it is.

The other advise I can give to myself and maybe even to some of you is that the more you are doing what you love in life the more powerful you will be and with that more equipped to contribute to what you believe in. Time is the most precious commodity there is for us and so the only thing we have complete control over is the now, not in the past nor in the future. By doing what you truly love, whether it is working for an amazing company or being your own boss do not waste your own time and life and in return you will be mindful not be wasting anything else.

I read a tragicomedy joke (at least for me)  in the book about innocent juices which is published by penguin books. It is about the complete imbalance and contradictions in our world where some are dying from having too much and some are dying from having too little and how this would be seen by Extra Terestials on a distant planet who are looking down at us right now and saying “these people really don’t get it do they?!”


Wow ok so this concludes my two parts post fashions ugly twin, it has been amazing for me to be able to think about this, write it down and even get things clearer in my head too. So thank you for giving me this opportunity to share as without you my readers I would just be talking to myself, although that would be fine too.

My fashionate inspirations for this post:

Lucy Siegle – To die for is fashion wearing out the world?

Ethical Fashion Forum – Podcast with Lucy Siegle and more…

Matilda Lee – Eco chic

Dalai Lama – The art of happiness

Founders of innocent juices – a book about innocent (an amazing business book by the way love it and recommend it!)

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