creating freedom

creating space


Hi my name is Pia and I was a hoarder…

As you may have read already I quit my job in December, trust me most of my friends thought I was mad to quit with no savings and no real job vacancies till February…my goodness Australia I love that you embrace this crazy period of sun, family, friends and fun times so much!!

Fast forward to today a miserable and rainy Aprils day and I was meant to be doing the Manly School Markets today selling my no longer wanted or needed clothes (last month was a great success with the help of my mum, a friend and a tree), well it seems the weather, fashion, money gods had other plans for me. The reason I have been doing the markets is that in my first week after I quit my job I embarked on something any (un)self-confessed hoarder would shudder at: spring cleaning! First week off and for some unbeknown reason to me I just decided that I needed to create space in my home, wardrobe and in turn my life. Creating freedom and space for the things that I truly love and want and for new inspirations to be able to flourish in.

So for days I went through our flat like a mad person completely possessed (I think my boyfriend thought that I had hit my head again* and gone completely crazy) and threw out bags and bags of  just stuff I accumulated over the years. I moved to Oz with a 20kg suitcase, a pair of shoes on my lap and a box with photos we posted so by comparison I managed to sell, donate or throw out a whole s**t load more. Of course anything I really loved I kept but suddenly I found that most of my memories are in my heart anyways and I didn’t feel the need to keep every old gig ticket, shopping trip receipt or the just in case it comes in handy thing.

And yes I even went through my handbags and wallet (girls I know!!!) I threw out the first aid and sewing kit, the in case something happens or my pants decide to split**, the 10 million pens and lip balms, stamp cards, you name it. And you know what it actually turned out to be easy. Now I have the things I only need for today with me, my back and my left ‘carry the bag on’ arm are definitely thanking me for it.

Honestly I can say that our home feels fantastic now, it has a great flow, energy and space for my thoughts to run free and wild as they wish. It has helped elevate me further to make my dreams a reality, bagging a fabulous part-time job, yay, which in turn will allow me to be within a creative environment and continue to inspire me to be and do so at home in my oh so free space and time. Oh and I have started decluttering at my friends places too…with kindness of course.


So please let me reintroduce myself again: Hi my name is Pia and I am a thrower-outer.


How do you create freedom in your life?


*this fun event happened in the past when I almost knocked my boyfriend and myself out whilst I (yes just me) was dancing to Elvis Presley – Hard headed woman – yep it wasn’t pretty and thankfully my head managed to withstand the wooden mahogany headboard 😉

**this also happened to me in the past but luckily I worked in a boutique and was able to purchase and change out of my favorite grey skinny Sass&Bides into my now favorite Citizen of Humanity boyfriend jeans


My fashionate inspirations for this post:

–  creating space – its sooo good for the soul and trust me if I can do it you definitely can

– the weather gods – I would be freezing my bits off instead of writing this post on my comfy sofa

-the NOW – because that is all we truly have


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