Inspiration is everywhere

inspiration2 inspirationthelittleprince

‘The desert is beautiful’ he added…

…And it was true. I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a sand dunes, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet one can feel a silent radiation…

‘What makes the desert so beautiful,’ said the little prince, ‘is that it hides a well, somewhere…’

Inspiration is everywhere is a phrase I tell myself everytime I struggle to know what to write about next, the funny thing is the more I say this to myself the harder I find it to write. The good old the more you look for it the more elusive it becomes and when you stop looking somehow you find it, just seems too true.

So there I was trying to stay positive still looking for my inspiration somewhere…anywhere, when my boyfriend asked me what actions I was taking today (haha I know)… oh well I am trying to find inspiration for my blog, funnily came across an ‘inspiration is everywhere’ picture on a website but somehow I still seem to struggle finding it for my next post.

He just looked at me with this “wow are you this blind?!” look,.. why don’t you write about that?!

It is funny how something can stare you in the face, go over and over in your mind and still you just don’t see it. I do believe that the circumstances we find ourselves in and the white noise that can seem impossible to switch off in our minds can determine how blind sided or open we can be to inspiration. It is why it’s important to take the time out from whatever you are doing and just being present to everything that is around you and viewing everything and everyone with an open heart. Thats when the magic happens although once in a while it just needs to nudge you a bit in some way, shape or form (i.e. my boyfriend) for you to take note.

I watched the documentary on Sir Paul Smith a British designer who is an iconic menswear designer and how he finds inspirations in the everyday, but especially during his early morning adventures through London or Paris, his photographs taken during those mornings and vintage markets. By just being present to life  he still continues to expand his successful business and lead a happy life for himself.

This is as much to me as it is to you, when you follow your love and passion inspiration is always there you just got to trust and know where to look.

My fashionate inspirations for this post:

The little Prince (Antoine de Saint -Exupery)- the quotation is from this book which never stops to inspire me and fill me with love

Sir Paul Smith – Gentleman designer is a great inside to a passionate man and how he got to where he is now

life – always is and always will be

Pictures for this post:

the little prince book front cover

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