Tears of a unicorn

“A legend speaks of a sad young woman found by a unicorn, who cried its tears for her and healed the wounds of her heart.”

So why is it that emotions and wounds of the heart just get pushed aside and ignored as if it is some sort of weakness that we are showing. Only for those emotions and pains to keep resurfacing at other points in our time and again usually not welcomed by us.

Being exposed to death at a young age I carried the pain and sorrow at first unknowingly and then knowingly around for many years, the death of a loved one is never easy. Finally after a long time I managed to embrace the pain and the sorrow and something beautiful happened… I felt it change into happiness and love. No longer was I defined by the pain and sadness of a loved one gone. I finally felt at peace, because a loved one is a part of us and when they leave us they are never truly gone.

This realisation in mind helped me deal with a death a year and a half ago and also again just yesterday when I found out about the death of another loved one. Of course I cried, I cried  tears of momentary sadness, compassion and tears of love. All with a true feeling of peace and freedom from pain or guilt at what has happened and what has not, just a beautiful celebration of our lives.  

So yes it is just that simple embracing the tears can be the best medicine and if you do not happen to have a unicorn around then even your own.

My fashionate inspirations for this post:

Unicorns – those fabulous, kind and wise creatures 

my father Dariusz – through whom I learned to embrace the pain in order find the love and peace xx

and here is to my grandfathers Stanislaw and Kazimierz who supplied me with copious amounts of pierogi, vodka and love – na zdrowie to both of you xxx

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