Words with myself

Once you start down the rabbit hole it’s too late to return, and even if you do there will always be a tiniest part of you that wonders, what if…?

So I say just keep going and enjoy the ride, who knows where you will end up going as long as you are being your true self and following what you love to do…what have you got to loose? Well, maybe so called ‘friends’, a partner, possessions/money or even a home, but is it not that in the moment we have nothing our possibilities are endless. Although why wait until we have nothing, get started creating everything and living a life full of possibilities.  

This is my point in my life and yes I am writing this to myself 😉

Pull your finger out and create, play your game and direct it the way you want it to go. You feel that it is possible, you actually know that it is possible so what is stopping you?! 

No excuses!! Yes missy I am talking to you, to myself!!!!!

Do what you love, do it with everything you’ve got and see what adventures your fashionate journey will take you…

…so are you in or are you out?!


My fashionate inspirations:


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One thought on “Words with myself

  1. Sara says:

    yes you can 🙂 ❤

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