Anything goes


I am not sure if it has become apparent just to me, although I very muchly doubt so, that there are no more real rules when it comes to fashion….literally anything goes. Actually I am lying here I do feel that there is one rule, one fundametal rule: it has to be you, that is simply it, nobody else but You……haha.

Ok seriously what I am trying to say is that you just have to stay true to who you are, have fun with it and there is no need to follow the crowd to be considered fashionable, quite the opposite is true. Take me for an example as a teenager growing up in ever so fashionable Germany (well no need to say more and sorry to my fashionable German fellows!) I was considered somewhat of a weirdo, “in fashion” terms of course, and as much as I tried to be cool it just never happened. My clothes either weren’t quite the right brands or my style was very misunderstood (to put it nicely) and I don’t think we really used words as eclectic or diverse back then. I just wore what I wanted and what I felt like that day.

So when my lovely friends describe me now as stylish and fashionable, albeit crazy too, it seems to me that there is a disconnect somewhere as I really don’t think I have changed that much since then, well maybe a little….

Which is what made me come to my conclusion that what is fashionable must have changed and how we perceive it. After decades well even a century now of particular trends dominating an era I think we have finally arrived at a fashion Utopia. Don’t get me wrong certain tones are set each season but they are so varied that that it can be interpreted how you want it instead of how someone else dictates it because its “in fashion”. Oh and if you feel rather experimental, like I often do, just own it as that is all that truly matter the only answer you will get is: ‘you are crazy but somehow it works’  Well I do anyways 🙂

Take a moment and think about how amazing it is no more rules in fashion! Does it not then mean that we could and can break all sort of conventional “old school” rules that someone somewhere has come up with to make us all the same and to categorise us?! Well is say screw that b***s#@t, life is about living and loving what you wear and ultimately your own happiness. Nobody needs to tell you what’s in who’s out, etc. take your own fabulous dose of style whatever it may be (and yes it is allowed to change depending on how you feel) and break the rules.

Just remember it has to be you, authentic and for goodness sake whatever it is own it!!

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rules – what rules?!

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One thought on “Anything goes

  1. Reblogged this on Poetic Pathetic Pancaking Me and commented:
    Seriously. I just put on whatever and just walk out and not care. And people think it looks good.

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