I am, you are… the start

I know my blog is meant to be mostly about my fashion musings and loves, but I cannot help write about the movie I watched last night. Wow Pay It Forward the movie (you will find the full version here) really got me excited and I still somehow think it is relevant to fashion just because I want it to!!

Now I have been told by my other half in the past that I can be ‘too nice’ or ‘do too much’ for others and to some extend I had to agree as I spent money/time on people that would never care. I also believed I could change everything and everyone. So after a few disappointments I became a little more cautious with what I gave and who I gave it to.

Nevertheless it’s what makes me happy…to pay it forward…no expectations just because it feels true for me. My lesson learned is that you have to be the change you want in others, without any expectations and that I have to trust my gut.

Of course it also, as always, makes me think about fashion and my recent shopping habits or rather my lack of, yes 6 months without clothes shopping!! Apart from a minor $10 spree at Salvation Army and $13 slippers, both highly needed for my poor freezing body and numb tootsies in our cold but beautiful ozzie winter (don’t think I need to justify more). I feel that through my purchasing I want to pay it forward, quite literally, to the right businesses and brands. Thus pass on my love and appreciation for what I have decided to spent my money on, which is why I just don’t feel like buying things for the sake of it anymore. Only true love will do 🙂

Although this is just one little aspect of the whole game and it will be different for everyone. I believe if we all lived and breathed in this way our world would be a beautiful and continuous infusion of giving and receiving.

Im going to start today by giving my time to my beautiful friend and help her get organised with her online business, so she can make gorgeous babies with her hubby instead of having to find a job she doesn’t want to be doing. Well you have got to start somewhere…

So my dear friends how can you pay it forward to three people without any agendas or expectations, just because you want to. Because as we all know it all starts with one person…ME in my case, YOU in yours making the change, easy really!! I would love to hear about how you pay it forward to inspire me further and in turn others.


My fashionate inspirations for this post:

Pay it forward – the movie with some incredible actors and just an all around inspiring story

my beautiful friend – sorry I hope you don’t mind that I have mentioned you as my example here 😉

charity shops – for the amazing work they do and the great pieces I find in them




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