The most original designer of them all…

I went to the zoo yesterday and had such an amazing and inspirational day full of real beauty, creativity and originality!! The zoo is one of those places that divides people and opinions, including mine, but please if you can, put these aside as this post is not about debating the pros and cons of zoos in our world.

This post is about the most amazing designer of our world so please let me introduce you to our very own… Mother Nature!!!

I have always appreciated nature, its abundant beauty and loved being amongst it. Until a couple of years ago when I was so deep in my own materialistic and consumeristic world with constant new needs that I stopped really paying attention to it. Although I have to say at the time I would have disputed this and told you the complete opposite of how much I cared, honestly I really thought I did. The past is the past and it is in the past now all that remains just a beautiful lesson that had to be learned.

Fast forward many eye and soul opening moments (they just keep on coming), my feelings and my thoughts are still the same but yet quite different. I still love fashion and clothing yet something feels different,  I have changed and evolved but at the same time gone back to the start.

It was as if I saw our beautiful animals for the very first time again, the difference in their shape and size, the complete and utter uniqueness and the individual purpose and impact (no matter how small or large) they have on our earth. Even within the same species there was a difference between the sexes and actually it is the male that generally has all the extravagant extras to woe and attract the female to him. Now for me I am quite glad that it is almost the reverse in our species as I quite like to dress up and experiment with my clothing. I was constantly getting new ideas for myself every time I saw a different animal, so I think everyone can benefit from making a little effort on their part.

My experience just reaffirmed me that fashion has a very important place within our society, a world full of love and beauty everywhere but you just have to find it within you first. This is where it was so important for me to go back to the beginning see everything anew and rekindle my inner appreciation for Mother Nature’s designs that is all around us in all its individual glory. I believe if you let your inner self shine out then this will show in your outer self by wearing clothes that show your caring, happiness and love within yourself and this in turn will be felt and seen by others.

I just had to write about this as I feel so inspired by all the different colour combinations and ‘outfits’ and as I have written in my previous post, anything goes, Mother Nature applies this principle throughout all her creations!! Hope you don’t mind I have added a just a few pictures below from our day, these were taken by my gorgeous other half as I was too busy looking, laughing and feeling like a happy moonpig.

PS: See if you can spot him 🙂 haha


My fashionate inspirations:

To Mother Nature – just everything about you, thank you for being inspirational, breaking the rules, having no boundaries to your creativity and loving. We should take a leaf or two out of your book for sure!

To our Animals – thank you for showing me your beauty yesterday and reopening my eyes to how amazing each and every single one of you is, yes even you little creepy crawlies.

IMG_1897 IMG_1899 IMG_1896 IMG_1900 IMG_1895 IMG_1894

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2 thoughts on “The most original designer of them all…

  1. katkinnie says:

    Wonderful post Pia. Very inspiring and I LOVED the photos and the way you weaved the story of your trip to the zoo. One of your best posts yet! Lots of love x x x

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